Oct 15, 2019
Setting the Table

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Here is a post for all of our hostesses out there… Maybe you are a newlywed ready to throw dinner parties in your new marital home… Well, we have a quick reference guide to share for your basic/traditional place setting…  For a small luncheon or dinner party at home or elsewhere this set up would be most appropriate.  I love using different style glassware for water, wine, etc. For our tables at many of our events, I don’t like the tables to seem too crowded, so we often eliminate the bread plates. Also, if the glasses start to seem crowded as well, you can find a glass that can be used for water, and then a “universal” wine glass vs. having one for red and white. 

Here is another quick guide if you are wanting to try a different napkin fold or position, or hosting something different than your standard evening dinner.  Also, if you are having a buffet style and want to set the plates on the buffet, you could of course set chargers on the table.

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