Nov 22, 2019
All The Pretty Pieces


Photos by Corbin Gurkin

Each bride has their own wedding day style, and it’s not just reflected in their dresses, but also in their choice of shoes and accessories. Here is our roundup of some of our favorite bridal day baubles.


Photo by Corbin Gurkin

I love seeing old and significant pieces mixed with something new… Heirloom jewelry pieces and handkerchiefs are often top picks of our brides.


(1) Photo by Liz Banfield; (2,3) photos by Adrienne Page

If there is ever a time to wear white bows it’s on your wedding day… Shoes by Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, and Kate Spade.


Photo by Liz Banfield

These dazzlers by Chrisitian Louboutin are a perfect marriage of style and comfort with wedge heels!


photos by Perry Vaile and Elizabeth Messina

And, for the taller bride, flats have come such a long way to becoming sought after… Like these by Jimmy Choo and Chanel.


photos by Liz Banfield


Photos by Liz Banfield

Both of these brides were fortunate enough to be able to wear something on their wedding day, once worn by other marrying women in their families…

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  1. Kor says:

    The Christian Louboutins are a showstopper! I would purposely wear a gown that wouldn’t reach the floor just to show those babies off! I’ll see if I can order them online. Thanks for sharing!

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