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Oct 22, 2018

Today, we are sharing a very easy and affordable way to turn your tabletop into holiday perfection. It’s so easy we were able to whip this up in our office before a little holiday Soiree lunch. We used things readily available, and often lying around. This time of year when decorating at home or the office, I’ve found that I often have to trim bottom branches of the tree, or pieces fall off the pine garlands.  Taking these and doing something different with them instead of tossing them is what inspired this idea!

My kids love pears, so we always have them around the house. So, we took pears, and the extra tree trimmings and spray painted them gold.  Of course, Copper (our new favorite metallic), rose gold, or silver would all be lovely as well.  I took the color inspiration from the plates I wanted to use, so if you’re stuck making that decision, look there for an idea (or a napkin, table linen, or whatnot).

While you may not favor them for everyday table use, colored candles can be an easy way to add an out of the ordinary pop of color. I’ve been seeing them more and more at local gift store, etc, but our favorite source for them is Creative Candles.

The rest is up to your imagination to play… We took a very small dish for stacking our centerpiece, but a large clear bowl, or something with embellishments would all be really lovely. I always like mixing candles- votives with tapers, etc to fill up the table, use enough so that a bright overhead light isn’t necessary.

And, of course, there are so so many ways to embellish or “juge” up each place setting. I always find that this is one of the main ways at our weddings that makes guests feel special. Seeing their name written in a special way, or on a unique item (a leaf, a stone, or maybe even a ribbon used to tie the napkins). These looked great mixed on the table, and were straight from the yard- a simple camelilia bloom, or a sprig of your favorite greenery.

We’d love to see some of your favorite tabletop designs, share with us some of the ones you were proud of, or loved creating.

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Oct 22, 2018

Photos courtesy of Southern Living Magazine

Yesterday’s post focused so much on planning a holiday or dinner party that would most likely be a grown up function, I wanted to make sure to share a few idea on setting up a kid’s table, and making it chic enough that adults and older kids would feel just as special sitting there too! For a photo shoot with Southern Living Magazine many years ago, we created a formal Thanksgiving spread at our home in Flat Rock, NC. I wanted the kids’ table to still feel formal, but important pieces that I would be heartbroken if ruined were reserved for the adults. One fun detail we did was have the kids’ names etched on glasses, so that it served as a place card and also something they could keep at home.

Photos by Liz Banfield

For younger kids, offering games or activities at the table may give the grown ups time to enjoy dinner and conversation.  For this party, we served all of the kids’ meals on little trays so they would be done in advance and served while the adults were serving themselves. I also love the idea of getting inexpensive wooden ornaments or figures at a craft store (or online) and handwriting on them for place cards! You could even do trees, stars, or angels and the kids could have them for Christmas ornaments a month later!

Photo courtesy of One Kings Lane

There are so many sources for nice melamine or bamboo placesettings and utensils that you could consider dressing up your disposables to cut back on all of the clean up- a kids table is a perfect spot for this! Here, having bowls of fruit or other goodies on the table if the food is still being served can help those hungry tummies. We have a local chocolatier that we placed at each placesetting that had the kiddos excited.

Something we have done at several of our weddings that would be a good idea “steal” are gift boxes/baskets at the kids’ table. We have filled these with mini puzzles, crayons/coloring books, or an assortment of toys to keep kiddos busy during dinner.


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Tara Guerard Soiree

Now that it’s finally citrus season, one of my favorite DIY decor tips for entertaining at home are my orange votives! They are readily available for your last minute holiday tabletop or for any given dinner party. First step is to assemble everything you need- a sharp knife, a good strong spoon or scoop, and your oranges of course. If it’s your first round, get a bag to allow for any Oops!

Tara Guerard Soiree

Slice a thinnish piece off the bottom (and an even thinner part off the opposite side just of the peel, not any of the inside so that it has a steady platform for where you plan to set it down). Use your spoon to hollow out all of the pulp, juices, etc. I like to keep them all to use for smoothies or juicing.

Tara Guerard Soiree

We make sure to use the candle drop ins that have the plastic bases0 they are deeper and don’t get as hot as the aluminum based ones; they also look nicer!

Tara Guerard Soiree

It’s also a good idea to zest or shave a bit of the peel off of the sides so that the candles are able to really glow through. Of course, they are wonderfully fragrant as well!


To give your table more depth and glow, I recommend adding in some taller taper style candles with custom “made” candlesticks that are also easily tackled last minute. Spray painting antique or craft store bought glass candlesticks gold or silver, or even a metallic blue would give a beautiful finishing touch along with your orange votives!


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