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Oct 23, 2018


Happy Monday!  Today I wanted to share one of my new favorite ideas- Chic Sketch! Chic Sketch is a live fashion illustration service and a new & innovative way to turn your wedding photos and guests into custom fashion sketches.


– Live event sketches at Weddings, Bridal Showers, and Engagement Parties


– Wedding Chic Sketch Kiosk with real fashion illustrators. It’s like a photo booth but better, because we sketch you and your guests!


– Pre Wedding and Post Wedding Sketches- On this note, I think having sketches of each of your bridesmaids done to ask them to be a bridesmaid would be such a sweet and personal idea.  And, using your sketch on to make custom notecards with your new married name after the wedding would be so great!


-They are also starting to make great gift items like cell phone covers and picture frames, which would also be a fabulous engagement gift for any friends getting married, hostess gift around the holidays, or wedding party gifts.

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Oct 23, 2018


photo by Corbin Gurkin

I love the tradition that we are seeing of the bride and bridesmaids in coordinating glamorous “loungewear” while getting ready on the wedding day… So cute for photos, and it’s a nice way for the bride to relax and settle her nerves before the wedding. Plus, it’s a great bridesmaids’ gift idea. Here are some that we think would be great for the day of along with shopping links. bb-loungewear

1.Stevie Howell Reach Blue Silk Tunic

2. Mi Golondrina Dulce Amante

3. Stevie Howell Ritza’s Ranunculus Blue Robe

4. (Local Charleston Artist) Lulie Wallace’s Plum Pretty Sugar Collab

5. Mi Golondrina Los Diamantes 

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Our friend Jane Pope Cooper knows a thing or two about jewelry, having started her own eponymous jewelry line right here in South Carolina in 2001 and since been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire. Don’t you love this photo of her that Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love took on a recent visit to her studio in Spartanburg? Gorgeous! We took a few minutes to chat with her about the bridal side of her business and are excited to share her answers with you here.


Another shot by Chassity of some of Jane’s beautiful rings. “I am a big fan of mixing modern and heirloom jewelry,” Jane tells us. “For my own wedding, I wore a ring and earring set that was over 150 years old with my Jane Pope Jewelry BRANCH bangles. I love the intricate details of heirloom pieces with the organic lines and textures of Jane Pope Jewelry.”

What are some of your best selling pieces for weddings?

It is all across the board. I have done necklaces, earrings, bracelets… and engagement rings. I am working on an eternity band collection that I am super excited about. I love mixing some more polished sparkle with my organic rings. I am a big proponent of lots of stacking with rings!

What kind of jewelry do you think is best for a bridesmaids gift?

I have had several brides who have given each bridesmaids something different, but all in the same theme. The thinner rings like the arrow, knot and XO rings are all great for bridesmaids gifts. Anything from the LOVE collection feels sweet and special for a wedding.

JP.ModernMixing2 (1) 2

Thanks for the tips Jane! Here are some of our favorite bridal ready pieces from her collection: 1. textured MAR cuff, $725; 2. lemon chrysoprase DROP earrings in 14kt yellow gold setting and hook with champagne diamonds, $814; 3. 12mm x 12mm rainbow hickoryite CABOCHON stud earrings in 14kt yellow gold setting, $614; 4. LONG BAR necklace, $238; 5. heavy BRANCH bangle, $698; 14kt yellow gold SEEDLING necklace with white diamond on 18″ chain, $440

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