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Dec 13, 2017


photo by Corbin Gurkin

In honor of our Life Is a Party YouTube episode on “What to Wear” with Mason Hosker, I’m giving you a little Monday roundup of photos showing what seem to be some trends in what our wedding guests are wearing.  Above- this is from our Newport, RI wedding, and while it was a summertime wedding, long dresses (in an array of colors from darker to brighter) were definitely the big trend here as well as tuxes for the men.

zach morrisphoto by Adrienne Page

Yes, that is Mark Paul Gosslear above… He and wife attended a December brunch wedding at Ford Plantation of ours. I think this is a great example of fitting for the type of celebration and time of day. He in a gray suit (but not too dark) and monochromatic tie make it slightly more formal for the occasion but not overdressed. Her long and pop of bright are great for an elegant Southern garden wedding during the morning.

Red Collage

photos by Corbin Gurkin

These shots are from three separate weddings, in three separate locations (Greenville, SC Charleston, SC, and Aspen, CO), and three different times of year (March, August, November) and what is the main thing you see?  RED… Red is versatile, looks great on many different skin tones and body types, and works day into evening.

Mother Collage

photos by Corbin Gurkin

I love these two examples of the Mothers to show you.. In the first one, both wear long dresses in the same fabric but in different colors that work together  (the mother of the bride wearing gold is great because it was an accent color used in the wedding design). In the second photo, again, both moms wear long dresses in colors that work together. The mother of the bride’s dress has lace accents that compliment her daughter’s gown. I love how these work together so that photos come out lovely!



photo by Perry Vaile

Here, for a Southern destination wedding at Palmetto Bluff, you see it all… light colors, bright colors, darker, short, long, etc.


photo by Corbin Gurkin

At the end of the day, there are a few rules to follow when dressing for an event- stay tuned to tomorrow’s post where you will see my tips/rules… But, take into account the location of the wedding, what type of wedding it is, and when it is happening to help guide you…

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Working with our clients in full service planing and design often means helping guide them on what to wear.  This can mean the clients and families themselves, or how to inform guests on what to wear according to the type of party the clients are having. With help from local Charleston tastemaker and designer, Danielle Hosker of Mason Hosker, we’ve got a fashion show of what to wear… For the full episode head over to our YouTube channel. Be sure to like/subscribe for future episodes as well!

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Dec 13, 2017

Charleston Collage

Today, we’re going to help you with ideas for the perfect wedding welcome favors based on the type/location of your big day.  Of course with Charleston being our backyard, we try to find ways to switch it up a bit, but still representing both the city location and the clients marrying here.  For a formal destination wedding downtown, bags custom printed with the couple’s printing motif are filled with upscale goodies like champagne splits, custom Candlefish scented candles, and favorite treats of the bride and groom.  Another Charleston wedding features canvas totes printed with an illustrated map of the weekend locales, locally made cheese wafers and local chocolate. Of course, providing guests with all of the pertinent information- transportation schedule, addresses of event locations, and things to do in the surrounding areas are all necessities.

2015_Mollie_Sam_0007 Mountain Collage

Since we do do a lot of destination weddings, we like creating fun and new ways to customize the favors that greet guests upon arrival, perhaps to a location they have never been before. For this Colorado weekend, leather trimmed totes were filled with thoughtful details like wood grain S’well bottles (tote along on your hikes), “trail” mix, and kit full of sunscreen, mini O2 bottles to battle any elevation issues, and fly fishing embroidered caps.

Beach Collage

For a Southern beach wedding, jute beach bags are stocked with printed koozies, ER kits (bandaids, tums, aspirin, sunscreen, and chapstick), lots of beach worthy snacks and magazines for guests to enjoy while soaking up the sun, and printed water bottles.  Other items to include are printed beach towels, flip flips, and printed toss away sunglasses.

2013_Lindsey_Josh_0587 2013_Lindsey_Josh_0276

For this intimate destination wedding at the Montage Palmetto Bluff, the venue provided home made biscuits and locally made jam, which Lettered Olive created custom packaging for and delivered to each guest cottage the morning of the big day… Talk about leaving a lasting impression!

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