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Jessica Morse headshot by Corey Tenold Photography

photo by Corey Tenold

I’m so exited to have Jessica Morse of Bare Beauty giving us bridal beauty advice today! So many invaluable morsels of information, so thank you Jessica!

Many people ask me which products they should use to look their best for a big event.  To be honest, no cosmetic will do more for you than eating Clean, drinking enough water (half of your bodyweight in ounces), getting plenty of sleep and exercising.  If you’ve got all of that covered, and you want to kick it up a notch, (and I’m sure that’s why you’re reading this) I do have a few more tricks up my sleeve.  These tips won’t just make you look gorgeous, they will also improve your health.  It’s a win-win – that’s what Clean Beauty is all about!

Bare Beauty

Take a Pursoma Resurrection Bath once a week in the month leading up to your big day.  These aren’t just any epsom salt baths.  Sea salt stimulates circulation and detoxifies, while Montmorillonite clay’s negative charge helps to attract unhealthy, positively charged radiation that accumulates in the body.  Soothing Spirulina and Laminar soften and hydrate skin.  Not to mention the fact that a hot bath after a long day will melt guest-list stress away faster than you can say “my fiancé’s second cousin”.

Use Pacific by True Nature Botanicals Exfoliating Moisture Mask once or twice a week, leaving it on 2-5 minutes.  This mask uses lactic acid, a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid, to exfoliate skin without stripping away any moisture.  Your complexion will be left glowy, soft and supple.  Suitable for all skin types.

The Hydrea London Dry Brush will banish dry, dull skin, cellulite, stimulate circulation, detoxify the body and improve energy levels – for real.  When I dry-brush consistently, my skin looks ten years younger.  All you have to do is use it for five minutes every day before you hit the shower.  For a quick how-to, check out my blog post on dry-brushing.

Bare Beauty

On the big day, you won’t have a ton of time to constantly touch up your makeup.  It’s important to choose cosmetics that will wear well, but feel good, too.  If you drank too much champagne at your rehearsal dinner, the next morning, finish your shower with a 30-second blast of freezing cold water.  It will stimulate circulation and eliminate any puffiness.

Treat Collection Nail Polish in Wedding Day is the palest sheer pink. Their polishes wear beautifully; my manicure usually lasts more than a week – no chips – with their polish.  Treat Collection is also 5-Free, meaning that their formula is free of the five most dangerous chemicals that are present in many conventional nail polish formulas (Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate and Camphor).

Axiology Lipstick in Philosophy is the most gorgeous, neutral pink with the perfect sheen.  Axiology lipsticks wear so well, and they will never, ever dry out your lips.  Their formulas are packed with plant-based organic oils and butters, natural mineral pigments, and they contain no synthetics, parabens or petrochemicals.

False eyelashes are a must on your wedding day  No other lash product – from topical growth drugs to professional extensions – will make your eyes pop like good, ol’ fashion falsies.  Winks by Georgie Faux Lashes are my favorite; they look so real, and their adhesive is nontoxic (no formaldehyde, phthalates or parabens) and cruelty-free.

Bare Beauty

No matter where you choose to honeymoon, it is all about easy, relaxed beauty at this stage.  You won’t need much in the way of cosmetics, as you’ll have a natural glow going on.  A friendly word of advice: there isn’t much that can totally ruin a honeymoon, but a bad sunburn is at the top of the list.

Suntegrity Sunscreen for Body SPF 30 is my favorite nontoxic sunscreen.  Without the use of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, sulfates, nanoparticles or chemical UV absorbers, Suntegrity protects your skin from the sun, absorbs quickly and never feels greasy.

I simply cannot travel without RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes.  After a long night, they take off every last trace of makeup while moisturizing and conditioning the skin with pure, organic coconut oil.  If you’re going to be a lazy face washer, do it with these!

The warm pearl color and creamy consistency of Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter makes bone structure pop.  Easily mixed with eyeshadow and lip gloss, this formula is one of my secret weapons that I rarely leave home without.  The gorgeous compact is refillable and Kjaer Weis never uses any synthetics, petroleums or parabens.

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Tara Guerard Soiree by Corbin Gurkin

Thoracic Mobility / Rotations

This exercise is used to increase mobility in the “trunk” which goes a long way to improving posture in the upper body.  This is super important on a wedding day for all of the photographs you’ll be taking that day, you don’t want to be hunching in any!

TL 1

1)   Start on hands and knees.

2)    Sit back a little so you hips are over your calves.

3)   Place your right hand behind your head and make full contact with the head. Avoid pushing the head down – keep the chin off the chest.


4)   The left hand stays on the floor and that arm stays straight.

5)    Slow bring your right elbow towards your left knee diagonally underneath you without bending your left elbow.

6)   Slowly reverse and lift the right elbow to the ceiling without moving the hips (squeeze your butt). Get the arm pit as open as possible without the right hand leaving  the head.

Tip: Put a medicine ball between knees to squeeze while doing the exercise. This will help you keep your hips / lumbar spine from moving as the elbow rotates down & up.

For ex: if you are rotating to the RIGHT you need to squeeze your right butt / hip down as you rotate open so it doesn’t go with you. Rotation is through thoracic spine only.

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Jan 20, 2018

Gayle Brooker Photography

Today, celebrity New York dermatologist, new mom (her baby boy just hit the one month mark), and former Soiree bride, Dr. Dendy Engelman is giving us her Top 5 can’t live without winter skin “must haves”- and even a winter skin “don’t”.  Thank you Dr. Dendy for the insider information, and if you’re in Manhattan be sure to visit her practice for to keep your skin in it’s best condition, no matter the season.

Seasonal skin conditions are something of a nightmare, especially if you are not sure what you need to brace yourself for – sudden warm temperatures can give way to a winter storm over night. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you brave the next few months and dream of warmer weather. 

Stallard by Liz Banfield

 Keep it bright – You might notice those sunspots and hyperpigmentation starting to set in from your time under the sun during the summer. (When exposed to UV light, the body produces melanin as a measure of self-protection. The immune system remedies some of the damage, but eventually, buildup starts to accumulate in the form of hyperpigmentation a.k.a. dark spots.) The good news is winter is a good time to get treated for any hyperpigmentation whether you’re looking to do a peel or laser treatments. To boost skin’s natural defense and keep hyperpigmentation at bay, I recommend Elizabeth Arden’s Superstart Skin Renewal Booster Serum ($65, and SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Acid ($162, For an overall brightening, and to spot treat, I recommend lasers and/or chemical peels.

Nancy Edwards by Liz Banfield

Keep it hydrated – Consider applying a dermal repair product like SkinCeutical Epidermal Repair Moisturizer ($69, which helps with hydration and reduces irritation and redness that cold, winter weather can bring. 

  Keep it moisturized – Dry skin is when your sebaceous glands don’t produce enough oil to keep your skin lubricated – causing the skin to appear flaky or itchy. To combat dry skin, make sure you keep skin moisturized with an extra rich lotion like Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream ($13 at Drugstores), as well as oils like coconut, magnesium, or Bio Oil ($11 at drugstores)

Nancy Edwards by Liz Banfield

  Keep it protected – Yes we’re talking about the hats, scarves, gloves and earmuffs but we also have to remember the sun protection year round. Sunscreen is important no matter the season! Also don’t forget your cuticles, lips, and any extremities like your ears and nose! 

    Keep it smooth – For one reason or the other you will notice that skin looks lackluster in the winter. It could be the how the light hits, but more because we’re spending so much time indoors to escape the cold that dry air, indoor heating, lack of movement and blood circulation is making our skin appear dull. (Dry skin doesn’t reflect the light as well as hydrated skin). I love hydrating mask by Dr. Jart+ (Water-Full Hydrogel Mask).

Jordan McClain by Liz Banfield

Don’t forget the Big Picture – If you’re planning a winter wonderland themed wedding and have festivities outdoors, make sure your skin is at its peak with our in-office Oxylight Facial and take extra precaution and have a salve like Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream available in your bag during the wedding for any last minute fixes for chap lips, cuticles, flaky skin. If you are more the type to get married in warmer temperatures here is something to keep in mind. In addition to being the month of love (Valentine’s Day), February is also National Wedding Month, which means that people are starting to prep for their wedding because winter is great time to start any laser treatments like intense pulsed light – great for overall skin revitalization and improvement of anything from acne scars to hyperpigmentation. Now is a great time to be evaluated for correction of fine lines and wrinkles with neurotoxins (like Botox) and dermal fillers (like Voluma & Juvederm) 

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