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We’ve recently had several of our brides mix and match bridesmaids dresses in completely unexpected and super fashion forward ways. It helps of course, that they are in the Bridal design business… So, we asked the ladies of Dee Hutton (both recent brides and business partners, whose weddings were featured in the current issue of Brides Magazine) for their top tips on how to pull a mix and match bridal party off successfully.  All the images are Corbin Gurkin.


We’ve always disliked the word “bridesmaid dress” or “maid of honor dress”. If you think about it, in any other context, if you went up to someone and said “wow, what a beautiful bridesmaid dress” or “you make such a beautiful bridesmaid”, it’s almost an insult…We think that bridesmaid lines should be about making the most important girls in your life look & feel their best. In our opinion, the goal is to have them get the compliment “wow, you look beautiful” not “wow, you’re a beautiful bridesmaid”.


To be honest, control is key to pull off a high fashion different bridesmaid line. Being comfortable saying yes or no and giving hard guidelines is important to achieve a flawless high fashion bridesmaid line. Traditional bridesmaid dresses and the ease that goes around that process is there for a reason, so with all the moving parts that go into a wedding, make sure you really care about spending the time and effort to have your bridesmaid line make a splash because it does take a bit more work.


Pinterest can be your best friend in wedding planning but especially in this department. Finding an image of a bridal party that you love & want to re-create is super helpful because then you’ll have an image to pass along to your bridesmaids so they know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and it will be even easier to assign colors/fabrics etc and achieve the look you’re going for when everyone’s on the same page.


The bridesmaid line that I designed for my wedding is very different from the one I designed for Steph’s wedding. For mine, I basically wanted to take the traditional idea of a bridesmaid line and turn it on its head. I really wanted it to feel like an incredible runway show, with each piece being a surprise and different from the one before & after. Because I mixed fabrics and put everyone in a different color, making sure that all the different shades of colors went together beautifully was incredibly important. I focused on making each bridesmaid look incredible independently and as a group. To pull this off, assigning each bridesmaid a color would be my suggestion and then as each girl finalizes their dress, create a mock version of your bridesmaid line using pictures of their dresses to make sure that it’s all coming together ok. Not only will  that incentivize ladies to get moving on choosing their dresses, but it also allows them to find a dress that they are obsessed with and would wear again to a black tie party. For me, the bridesmaids and their gowns were the wow factor of my wedding and stood out because there was no other color worked in to the decor.


Steph’s wedding was more traditional as Steph is very traditional in nature. Her wedding was based around the idea of pastels, so I took the idea of a traditional pastel hued all chiffon bridesmaid line and blew it up to feel like a collection of gowns that a designer was showing together. Each style was different and all the bridesmaids walked down in a line starting with a bright mint, to ice mint, to blues, to periwinkles to lavenders and then finally to pinks (it was a beautiful gradation of colors). To re-create this, I would again assign colors but also pick one fabric that all the dresses are in (i.e. silk chiffon etc). I wanted Steph’s bridesmaids to fit seamlessly with the decor of her wedding/reception tent and just be an extension of the pastel wonderland aesthetic that she was going for.

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Oct 22, 2018


photo by Liz Banfield

So much of our love for weddings has to do with design and creating the perfect experience for our clients and their guests. That of course involves senses- sight, smell, hearing, etc. which one usually associates colors and the emotions they evoke with, but I have always loved the pure beauty of black and white photography.  You can still get so much emotion from the simplest and loveliest image even with no color. Here is a round up of some of our favorite images.


photo by Corbin Gurkin

Most photographers, print or digital, traditional or modern, etc usually provide a mixture of black and white and color images, but it’s worth discussing when choosing the perfect photographer.


photo by Adrienne Page


photo by Elizabeth Messina


photo by Adrienne Page


photo by Adrienne Page


photo by Squire Fox


photo by Corbin Gurkin


photo by Liz Banfield


photo by Adrienne Page

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Leslie Moore

Today we are getting the inside scoop from our beauty expert and Bridal Make Up Pro, Leslie Moore.. on her favorite products, and tips for stepping up your pre wedding beauty routine.  All of her tips are below along with links to buy everything she raves about.

Exfoliator Collage

1.Dermalogica  2. Laura Mercier 3. Clairsonic

I always start with skin. Flawless skin is always in, no matter the season. It’s one thing I am known for-complexion.Coming off of the summer season skin is CONGESTED. Sweat, sun, beach, spf, and pool (not too mention too many margaritas)-has our skin paying the price. I would recommend picking up on the exfoliation. You can gently exfoliate every day. A more aggressive exfoliator roughly 3 days a week. I like Dermalogica Daily Microfoilant for everyday and Laura Mercier’s Face Polish every other day. A Clairsonic is also your friend.


Sapelo Skin Care

Sapelo, a skin care line on my radar now for not only is beautiful packaging and all natural ingredients but for the results it produces. Their 3 step system- renewing, rejuvenating,and softening is a great routine for brides to start as soon as they get engaged, it will get you glowing in time to walk down the aisle!



I also suggest my gals to do a mask the night before or the morning of the wedding. My hands down fav is the Boscia Brightening Hydrogel Mask. This will leave skin smooth, firm, hydrated, and simply glowing. I can always tell when we use these and when we don’t.

_10838832Tom Ford

Skin prep is always as important as the products we use for foundation, color, etc.I am obsessed with Tom Ford’s Complexion Enhancing Primer. It’s amazing and prepares the skin for any type of foundation I choose to use.

The biggest trend I am seeing is the amount of “spa” services brides are having. From facials, to botox, to lash extentions.  They start as soon as they get engaged. My favorite med spa service is a derma plane or micro blading. It is a service that entails the use of a medical grade scalpel. It is very effective in removing dead skin and tiny fine facial hair. It is not like shaving and the hair does not grow back like a beard. It leaves your face as smooth as a baby’s and can really make an impact on how make up goes on the skin.

Powder Collage

1. Temptu Pro  2. Laura Mercier

As far as correcting those summer tan lines- which we do see occasionally. I would recommend using an airbrush technique. I professionally prefer Kett Cosmetics, but Temptu Pro makes an airbrush system available for consumers that works great as well. They have a wide shade range. Long wear and transfer resistant making them ideal for anything from tan lines to tattoo coverage. You want to always set your work. My go-to is Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder.

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