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Mar 12, 2018

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Every now and then, we love a little break from bridal gowns to focus on the footwear and the baubles. Today, is just a pretty post with some of our favorite shoes and accessories for brides.  So, hope you enjoy just a little eye candy for the day.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Here is an alternative view of the sweet Jimmy Choo’s from above… These are incredibly genius, especially for brides being that they are wedges!  Gives some height, but also a bit more forgiveness for dancing throughout the evening.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

These Christian Louboutins could not have been more perfect for our glam bride… The sheer lace pattern says bridal but in an ultra sleek way… Loved the bauble shot that accompanied this by Corbin… and notice the groom’s cufflinks with the wedding date!

photos by Corbin Gurkin

For our blue and white bride, pearls get an modern update with the chicest Dolce and Gabbana and the kitten heel height is great for keeping a bride on her feet all night.

photos by Corbin Gurkin and Liz Banfield

These wedding day photos of a brides’ accessories could be framed and hung in the house somewhere (closet, powder room)… They are a different take and have a special meaning from the wedding day, and isn’t just another photo of couple.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

What says bridal more than these Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby d’Orsay pumps

photo by Corbin Gurkin

These Jimmy Choo golden strappy heels are classic for a bride and easily worn with other ensembles without coming off as “bridal” afterewards…

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photos by Liz Banfield, Corbin Gurkin, Adrienne Page

Flowers are more often seen and associated with flower girls, or even bridesmaids (esp with the big trend of floral crowns), but a flower in the hair of a bride can be such a surprising note, and lovely nonetheless. We like it as the sole hair accessory, or in conjunction with a veil.  Today is all about the ode to the versatility of a flower on a bride’s wedding day- and not just in the bouquet…

photo by Corbin Gurkin

Here, our bride marrying on Sea Island, chose some dainty flowers in her hair for a pop of color, and to maintain a bit of bridal flourish when the veil was removed after the ceremony.  Love the feel of both simplicity and formality in this look.

photo by Liz Banfield

For another Sea Island wedding, our bride knew that photos on the beach were a must have, and wearing a veil that would be blustering about was a must not- so a crown of live gardenias was made for her french knot.  And, of course, since gardenias can yellow quickly, we kept fresh ones on hand all evening to replace…

Liz Banfield/Tara Guerard Soireephoto by Liz Banfield

These flowers were a last minute addition during our bride’s hair and make up run through for her bridal portrait. We had flowers left over from the bouquet we made for her portrait session and she requested something to add to her hair… She liked it so much that she wanted it for her wedding day hair as well.

Liz Banfield/Tara Guerard Soireephoto by Liz Banfield

Liz Banfield/Tara Guerard Soireephoto by Liz Banfield

Liz Banfield/Tara Guerard Soiree

photo by Liz Banfield

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Apr 10, 2017


Today, we’re sharing some new websites we think you should know about. My BFF, Nicki Clendening, owner of Scout Designs NYC, has found a new way to spread her exquisite taste and collectible items with her new shop, Beetle.

Beetle Collage

images from Beetle

Ever since I’ve known Nicki she has always had an eye for objects, and she is an avid traveller and collector. So, Beetle is now a place you can go to shop her finds. The above is a sample of some of my favorites.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 2.20.15 PM

image from Thebault For Two

Since I’m on my last week of no carbs for lent, this amazing Zucchini Pasta recipe from Thebault For Two is at the top of my list. The author of this relatable and approachable cooking blog is the sister of one of my favorite fun brides, and I’m loving following along for some of the family recipes.


image from Co

We just celebrated  with Hampden Clothing for their 10 year anniversary.  Hampden is a fashion forward hot spot here in Charleston, and she happens to carry one of my most favorite designers- Co. While in the store recently, I spotted this sequined stunner by Co, and thought it could be the most amazing top for a mother of a bride, or with fabulous white formal pants for a bride’s friday night ensemble.

Hope you check out some of our newest favorites on the scene.

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