May 23, 2019
Paperwhite Centerpiece How To

Paperwhite centerpiece/Tara Guerard/Corbin Gurkin

I love having simple blooms throughout the house during the holidays. These paperwhites are a favorite and can make a great centerpiece or focal point for entry tables, buffets, mantles, bar tables, and more. They typically take about 4 weeks to bloom, so we’re showing you how so that they are good and ready for your holiday home. Thank you to Corbin Gurkin for the photos.

Paperwhite centerpiece/Tara Guerard/Corbin Gurkin

Gather your supplies- You’ll need a container of some kind, make sure it’s something fairly sturdy or solid that can hold the weight. I like to use these black river rocks to anchor the bulbs and give the roots something to grow around- but you could use anything you may have or what’s available at the craft store (glass beads, granite rocks or pea gravel). The plants can topple a bit once they start growing, so the anchors are key. And, I do polish off the top with some moss to hide all of the parts.

Paper white centerpiece/tara guerard soiree/ corbin gurkin

Set your “anchors” in the bowl or vessel you have chosen and arrange as many bulbs as will fit on top of the anchors with the sprout opening facing upwards. Be sure to give it a good watering, but only until the water reached right below the base of the bulb. If the bulbs sits in water for long they can rot. Check water levels frequently, and water when water gets about an inch below the rocks. Be sure to keep the planting in a cool darker place out of direct sunlight.

Paperwhite centerpiece Tara Guerard/ Corbin Gurkin

Finally, cover with the moss to hide the bulbs, rocks, and roots. They should take take root within about 3 weeks at which point they should moved to where they can get sunlight. Viola!  I find that a centerpiece is often forgotten when you are hosting as you are setting tables, grocery shopping and preparing food, and hosting your guests. This is something you can do now and set and forget! Or, that’s always something you can ask and offering guest to bring instead of a bottle of something.  Happy Holidays!

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