Oct 23, 2018
Photo Trends


Today, we’re talking trends in wedding photography.  Maybe this comes just in time for your wedding planning this year and meetings with any wedding photographers you may have.


Ever heard of a banquet photo? Loving this new trend in wedding photography!  Banquet photos are so hot right now, even the New York Times is writing articles about them.  Making sure that every guest in attendance is accounted for, your photographer finds a great angle and everyone huddles together. Surely a photo that would make the frame wall!


We’re also seeing lots of updates to photo booths. They are still super popular, but now with options like TapSnap, we are seeing several updates of note.  TapSnap allows you to customize your background (thru a greenscreen), photo customizations like monograms, and photo sharing with anyone who couldn’t make it.


For easy updates to a photo booth when not using an outside service- one tip is to make a fabric or custom background. This saves money vs doing a full floral wall, and you may even be able to reuse the material or refashion into something in your newlywed home.


I know this isn’t necessarily a “new” idea, but think about having your photographer come to spend some time with you while getting ready on your wedding day. These offer such a nice contrast to the posed photos at the ceremony (which are also nice), and could be a nice gift for your girls, framed of course, after the big day.

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