Oct 22, 2018
Hosting the Holidays


It’s that time of year again, the revolving door of parties, some of which you are a guest, and some of which you are hosting.  Today, I’m sharing tips on how to host a stress free gathering for you as the hostess.


Set the tone- I prefer using a monochromatic color palette for holiday get togethers- whether it’s winter white with gold or silver accents, or shades of blues, etc. I find it easy to find design items when keeping it simplified.


Cluster some candles! This is the time of year for glowing candlelight!  Gather your mixture of shapes and sizes together, and add a unifying piece like greenery accents fill an empty space and look purposeful. Glass containers are readily available at your local floral or craft store, and here we put loose “jingle” bells in as an anchor for pillar candles. These are perfect for any outdoor areas needing more light like your porch.


This guide should help you set up an efficient and beautiful spread that guests will enjoy and will work in any space large or small.


photo by Corbin Gurkin

I’ve also found that doing pre rolled silverware in napkins makes it much easier for guests to jockey a full plate of food and the utensils needed to eat it! It can also make for another decor detail- wrap them in a pretty holiday ribbon, and tuck a sprig of rosemary or pine in each one. These can all go in a nice basket on the buffet.


Don’t stress over not having enough seats at the dining table for a large gathering- make outdoor seating cozy (weather permitting) and accessible, or stage other seating viognettes around the house.


If hosting a cocktail party with light hors d’oeuvres consider passing as much as possible- it facilitates lots of conversation and allows you to mingle with your guests without having to constantly worry about replinishing food. Along with crowd pleasing items, I love special holiday items like individual hot chocolates or hotty toddies. Having one table for pick up items like an antipasta or cheese display can make a nice centerpiece.

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