Oct 22, 2018
Comfy and Chic


photo by Corbin Gurkin

I love the tradition that we are seeing of the bride and bridesmaids in coordinating glamorous “loungewear” while getting ready on the wedding day… So cute for photos, and it’s a nice way for the bride to relax and settle her nerves before the wedding. Plus, it’s a great bridesmaids’ gift idea. Here are some that we think would be great for the day of along with shopping links. bb-loungewear

1.Stevie Howell Reach Blue Silk Tunic

2. Mi Golondrina Dulce Amante

3. Stevie Howell Ritza’s Ranunculus Blue Robe

4. (Local Charleston Artist) Lulie Wallace’s Plum Pretty Sugar Collab

5. Mi Golondrina Los Diamantes 

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