Oct 23, 2018
Top Wedding Day Photos

We teamed up with one of our top wedding photographers, Liz Banfield to find out what the “must get” shots are on your wedding day. Her experience of shooting and then editing hundreds of weddings, many of which are featured in major publications, make this an invaluable list for you to use for your photography planning.

Before starting portraits, it’s a great idea to shoot the bridal bouquet. A perfect detail shot of this sets the tone for all the little things that personalize the celebration. 

Celebrate your happy day by leaving plenty of extra time during your portrait session for spontaneous candids. Don’t be rushed! Depending on the timing of your day this might mean doing a “first look” before the ceremony. 

Of course the wedding day is ALL about the bride but don’t forget to request a portrait of the groom. It doesn’t need to be posed. A candid like this commemorates the groom’s look and his happy mood. 

 Documenting the unscripted events throughout the day will be cherished along with the planned ones. Stay present for all the little in-between moments, allowing them to unfold for your photographer to capture. 

The vows are the heart and soul of any wedding ceremony. Though I don’t advocate having a photographer being obtrusive during your ceremony, work with your officiant to allow them access at key moments like this. 

Toasting is a great opportunity to shoot everyone at their loosest. This is always well documented and it’s worth thinking through the positioning of your dining chairs for any distracting background issues as well as making sure the table decor doesn’t block your faces and leaves a clear vantage point for your photographer. 

Whenever possible, I love to take my couple’s out for sunset. This can be a welcome break alone together for you and the light at this time is optimal for beautiful pictures. Build this into your wedding day timeline. 

A mood shot of your reception is a key element in telling the story of your day. 

As the guests of honor you can’t be everywhere so you will want plenty of coverage throughout the evening to see everything you missed. Consider adding a second shooter to your coverage for more indelible moments like these. 

A terrific exit shot is a great way to end your wedding story. Think about a pause for a kiss and/or take a moment to drink it all in and wave goodbye. Have fun — enjoy the moment and don’t hurry through it. 

Thank you so much, Liz, we’ve had some amazing ones together over the years!!!

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