Mar 19, 2019
Monday Portraits

Bridal portrait

photo by Adrienne Page

To me, one of the most lovely and important images for your photographer to capture on your wedding day, is a “portrait” or image of you… Lots of brides opt to do a portrait session prior to the wedding, which does help give you a sense of hair and make up, and flowers and how they work with the dress before the big day. But, there is something magical about the images captured by these photographers of our brides on the actual day, almost as if you can really see the emotion of what’s to come. Sharing some of our favorites today…


photo by Corbin Gurkin


Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Lapide bridal portrait

photo by Elizabeth Messina


photo by Liz Banfield


photo by Corbin Gurkin


photo by Corbin Gurkin

Bennett portrait

photo by Corbin Gurkin

bride and father

photo by Adrienne Page

Mayberry portrait

photo by Perry Vaile

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