Feb 16, 2019
Fitness Friday with Tracie Long

Tara Guerard Soiree by Corbin Gurkin

Thoracic Mobility / Rotations

This exercise is used to increase mobility in the “trunk” which goes a long way to improving posture in the upper body.  This is super important on a wedding day for all of the photographs you’ll be taking that day, you don’t want to be hunching in any!

TL 1

1)   Start on hands and knees.

2)    Sit back a little so you hips are over your calves.

3)   Place your right hand behind your head and make full contact with the head. Avoid pushing the head down – keep the chin off the chest.


4)   The left hand stays on the floor and that arm stays straight.

5)    Slow bring your right elbow towards your left knee diagonally underneath you without bending your left elbow.

6)   Slowly reverse and lift the right elbow to the ceiling without moving the hips (squeeze your butt). Get the arm pit as open as possible without the right hand leaving  the head.

Tip: Put a medicine ball between knees to squeeze while doing the exercise. This will help you keep your hips / lumbar spine from moving as the elbow rotates down & up.

For ex: if you are rotating to the RIGHT you need to squeeze your right butt / hip down as you rotate open so it doesn’t go with you. Rotation is through thoracic spine only.

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