Oct 22, 2018
Fitness Friday with Tracie Long

Tara Guerard Soiree by Perry Vaile

Today we are focusing on that area that hangs and maybe wobbles back and forth when you wave? It’s dreaded. But for wedding photos where you’ll have your arms down holding a bouquet, this exercise could be a game changer!

Triceps Extensions

Isolating the back of the arms (the triceps) can be done in a variety of ways. My favorite is the “head banger”.

tricepsext1 tricepsext2

1) Lie on your back with feet firmly pressed into the floor, butt tight & abs engaged.

2) Extend 2 medium weights over your shoulders keeping them shoulder width apart and palms facing each other.

3) Slowly lower the weights just outside of your temples – careful… they aren’t called “head bangers” for nothing!

4) Stop when you have a 90 degree angle in the elbows. Keep the elbows pulled in slightly and extend back to the top fully.

5) Avoid letting the elbows move over the face, keep them over the shoulders. The only joint that should be involved is the elbow – not the shoulders.

6) Emphasize control, not weight.

Perform 10 SLOW reps / 3 rounds

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