Happy Monday Y’all! Erin here hoping your weekend was lovely! Tara and I recently went to Tampa for the 2012 Special Event Conference. Tara was a featured presenter there as well as promoting the Frank and Lane chairs in the exhibition hall. Throughout the week we met so many amazing, talented, passionate people in our industry. It was such a great experience getting to mingle with everyone! A few attendees even video taped their experience and made a little movie about the 2012 conference. Wouldn’t you know…Tara gets a shout out! Check out the video here. Thanks to Kelly McWilliams, Kelly Spalding and Saundra Hadley for sharing!!

Tara Guérard
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Recognized as one of the nation’s leading tastemakers, Tara Guérard has earned a widespread reputation for her ability to create spectacular settings celebrating life’s most anticipated occasions. As the visionary and founder of Tara Guérard Soirée, she is best known for her distinct style that honors the storied traditions of Southern hospitality paired with a modern aesthetic and flair for the unexpected.

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