Nov 21, 2017
For the Love of Food

Hi y’all! Erin here wishing you a very happy Monday. Right now is one of my favorite times of year in Charleston…restaurant week! It’s no secret that we Soirettes love a good meal. I had a fab supper last night at Cypress and Tara loved her experience at Charleston Grill on Friday! Feeling inspired by all things cuisine, I thought I would share some fun foodie picks with you from some of our past weddings.

Being in the South, heavy hors d’oeuvres are a staple at any wedding! We love to dress our up with lovely tray liners and fun picks!


Of course, “Late Night” appetizers are a pretty common request. Just because they are later in the evening doesn’t mean we don’t love to style them up! Even a milkshake and french fries will get special treatment from us!
We don’t forget desserts either! An adorned cupcake can become a great conversation starter at a wedding!
An ice block display showcased these cartons beautifully for our dessert station!
Cookies and milk, anyone???
Or maybe an ice cream cone???
All right, all of this talk about food is making me hungry!! Off to lunch…
Many thanks to Liz Banfield and Gayle Brooker for the images!
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