Dec 11, 2018
Fabulous Finds Friday- La Gartier

Garters have gotten a bad rap lately. And it’s really not their fault…maybe things started going downhill for them in the 80’s when short dresses made garters all too visible? I’m not sure, but one thing I do know is that cheap materials and embarrassing garter tosses have lessened the class of the garter.

Enter Sarah Dobson. Starting from a hobby gifting custom garters to friends, Sarah quickly realized the lack of elegance in this intimate undergarment. Sarah began creating garters out of vintage fabrics and laces and adorning them with pearls, crystals and brooches. Able to launch her hobby into a full business in 2009, La Gartier became a new standard in wedding garters.

Not all brides opt to wear a garter. But for those who are looking for a unique piece that complements their style then a custom order from La Gartier might just be the thing! I do like this hand sewn silk flower applique:

And the bride that loves vintage might opt for a pearl brooch or cameo:

Blush tones are really big in bridal right now and that is also transcending into garters as well:

What do you think readers? Are you a garter wearing kind of bride? If so then I definitely recommend a piece from La Gartier!



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