Sep 25, 2017
Fabulous Finds Friday

Happy Friday Y’all! Today is the day for fabulousness and I definitely have something for you. Christine, who manages The Lettered Olive, stumbled across Chewing the Cud while we were researching new fun ideas for a baby shower for Kate.

Our baby shower location was on Folly Beach and we were looking for items that went with our beachy, laid-back feel for the party. Working with tangerine and ocean blue as our colors, we fell in love with Chewing the Cud’s eco-friendly Give Wraps. These chic fabric wraps are large enough to cover many different sized gifts and can be reused over and over again! These little wraps are so versatile that we used them throughout the party…wrapping presents, tied on chairs and as favors for the guests as they left! They were such a hit that we had to share them with you. They come in so many styles but here are some images of the ones we used for the shower. Visit their website for all the different options!

We used the Tangerine and Blue of course!

Side note- we will announce the winner of our Fabulous Finds entry on Monday…still taking new finds through today so keep them coming!

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