Feb 20, 2020
Welcome Your Guests in Soirée Style!

It’s Wedding Wednesday at The Bon Bon and today, we’re focusing on your out-of-town guests.  Here at Soirée, we love putting together guest bags and beautiful boxes filled with lots of goodies for our couple’s out-of-town guests.  What better way to welcome them in to town and truly set the scene for what’s about to come.

Some of the items that we love to use are personalized bottles of water, signature cookies, visitor’s booklets, pecans, and golf balls, just to name a few.  The key thing to remember, is to make it personal and to make it fun.  Once your guests get back home, you want to ensure that they never forget the wonderful weekend they spent celebrating your big day!

Here are a few beautiful “goodie” bags and boxes we put together for our client’s wedding guests!

A key factor to consider when having the guest bags monogrammed, instead of using the bride and groom’s names and wedding date, consider the longevity of the bag.  Will your college roommate want to carry around a bag with your initials on it?  Instead, consider using the logo of the reception venue; something subtle enough to encourage your guests to reuse the bag.

Images courtesy of Liz Banfield, thanks Liz!

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14 Responses to Welcome Your Guests in Soirée Style!

  1. Natalie says:

    These are all lovely options! Could you tell me your supplier for the boxes and tote bags? I would love to have some for my TN wedding! Thanks!

  2. tara says:

    the canvas totes are from L.L. Bean, the burlap bags are from a company called bags go green, the green and white one we had made custom through the lettered olive and I cant remember where we got the little brown ones from…should be easy to find if google ‘brown cardboard box’. thanks for asking! tara

  3. Tiffany says:

    Such great ideas! Where do you get the top load envelopes for the welcome info? They are really unique! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Ali says:

    What do the welcome cards say? And where an you get them made through you or someone else? Please let me known love the idea!

  5. Tara Guérard says:

    Hi Ali and Tiffany,

    Our top load cards as well as the welcome cards themselves are all done custom by our sister company, The Lettered Olive. You can contact them directly to create something custom for yourself or choose a design out of one of their collections!

  6. Courtney Taylor says:

    I love the logo/design on the blue bag. Was that also done by your sister company, the lettered olive?

  7. Christina R. Cash says:

    I love your site and have used some of your ideas for house guests…. what is great is that my guest room looks like a B&B the bad is now everyone wants to stay here lol thanks for all the wonderful ideas .

  8. Tara Guérard says:

    thank you! you made my day! Happy New year! sorry for maybe the unwanted guests – 🙂

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  11. Audrey says:

    Wonderful inspirations. Thanks!

  12. Looking for welcome kit for guests at a wedding. Kit has to include things like sun tan lotion, aspirin, condoms, tampax etc. Any other cute things you could recommend would be great. Can you do something like this?


  13. Tara Guérard says:

    Hi, so sorry for the late reply… We do offer guest welcome kits to our clients… It’s not something we do retail as of yet. Thank you for checking. Best of luck!

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